Mesche Holding is a company having for vocation to include participations in diverse companies. The function is to assure the unit of management.

By the respect for our commitments and the quality of our teams, numerous companies were able to become leaders on their respective markets.
With us, you have the guarantee to see prospering your society.

Because the ecology owes be a concern important for any company, Mesche Holding also makes a commitment on an environmental plan. Our company respects the legislations relative to the environment and wishes to pursue in this direction the efforts which were supplied to protect the environment. Mesche Holding so aims at processes of production and durable sale which improve « the ecological profitability » so protecting the environment.

So, our research module is directed to a « green » research having for main objective to reconcile an agreement between development and ecology. For landing in the incapacities of environmental researches, Mesche Holding commits to the fact that its actions of researches are mainly directed to a research allying at the same moment, quality, profitability, and ecology.

By engaging you with Mesche Holding, you will contribute to fight against the destruction of our environment. We guarantee to your company the financial, technical and human means necessary for the realization of your projects quite keeping an ecological optics of every project.

We make a commitment to bring the best of our resources to allow your project to be the most ecological possible by bringing him the necessary means to the acquisition of durable and not polluting technologies.

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